Monday, February 22, 2010

Race to the finish line...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Today me and my friend were sitting in the lecture hall waiting for our class to begin when we were talking about our recent search for an apartment to live in for the next school year. We were at first really excited talking about how much fun we were gonna have living together with our other two best friends, decorating the place, cooking together, late night talks... it would be like a permanent sleepover, an unending fiesta. Then we began talking about renter's insurance, how we were going to pay the bills, how long we were going to live there and if we were planning on staying after we graduated... then it dawned on us... when did we grow up? We looked at each other and began laughing at how old we sounded. Insurance? Bills? Graduation?! When did this happen? Last time I checked, I was sitting in front of the TV watching gossip girl and asking my mom if dinner was ready yet.

It really is amazing to me how fast time flies by and its not just when I'm having fun anymore. Whether its sitting for an hour in a lecture hall or a 3-day weekend or even your teenage years... as you get older, days just seem shorter and the weeks seem to repeat themselves, before you know it, months will have passed by and a new year is slapping you in the face.

When we were kids we always pretended to be older and desired to be older. When we are older, we wish for the days of our youth back.

I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to be like my older cousins. They looked so cool driving their cars, hanging out with their friends, and so pretty with all their makeup on. I was the lame baby cousin who had her annoying little sister attached to her hip. Now, I realize I am only 20 and that is relatively young... but I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from my quarter life crisis so what better time to write about this? But anyway, now that I'm 20, I wish I was a kid again, when my biggest crisis was when my easy bake oven broke and when the biggest trouble I could get into was pulling my sister's hair. I miss watching saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of cereal not worrying about what labs I have to finish or what midterms I have in the up coming week. Hey childhood if you're out there... I miss you.

Childhood was a simple lifestyle and adulthood can be simple too. We just have to remember that we are still kids at heart. While we're kids, we race and race to grow up and its only when we're finally faced with grown up issues that we're surprised that we've reached our finish line and we're even more surprised to find out that the first to the finish line, is actually the loser.


Emily said...

I was just talking with a friend at work. We're both upper twenties, and we were actually sort of wondering about the opposite. We both felt unprepared to deal with things, and wondered at being considered "adults" when we really feel so clueless about things like how to deal with insurance claims from accidents, refinancing our mortgages, what to do when your husband just faints for no apparent reason (happened to me on Valentine's Day! He came to in seconds, but I called my mom for advice before I called the doctor.). You're right: life as a kid sure is simpler, and time just speeds by faster and faster!

Heidi Rose said...

You can learn from this experience that even though where you are might not seem so great (like how you thought of your life when you were a child) is actually REALLY great! Fully appreciate being the able, young adult you are. USE IT. Because otherwise when you're even older, you'll be thinking, "I spent my whole young life wishing I was something else."

I love this little rant. (And your Dr Seuss quote on the side)

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