Friday, February 26, 2010

It Will Be Done..

Friday, February 26, 2010
I'm always saying "Oh I've always wanted to that" and I'm constantly adding new things to my bucket list. As of now, my personal bucket list is extremely long, but nothing has been crossed out. Nothing. I'm going to change that. My goal is to do something that I've always wanted to do by the end of this school year which will be June. I have no idea what is it that I'm going to do, but I'm going to do something and it is going to be amazing.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

It's good to have goals and work towards them. I only have one crossed off and am currently working on another.

shelliebellie said...

hi! thank you for taking an interest in my blog! i love your bucket list! i have been meaning to make up my very own and i think you have inspired me to work on that this next week! eager to explore your blog more.

what is harry potter land?

Kim and Roxanne said...

Thanks! Haha! Harry Potter Land is a new amusement park they are opening in Florida sometime this year I think. Pretty crazy right?

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